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Send money abroad in three simple steps

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Add money to your account

Add money to your account by topping up via your debit or credit card

Transfer money abroad

Choose your contact, currency and click “share” whenever you’re ready

Send money overseas

Send money internationally with affordable exchange rates backed by Mastercard. Transfer money overseas to friends and family. No extra fees or markups – just low, transparent rates.

Anyone, anywhere

Easily send and request money with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. We offer financial freedom to foreign nationals, expats, freelancers and the unbanked.

Secure, contactless payments

More secure than cash. Use our Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to make contactless payments. This means you can simply hold your phone against a reader to pay for goods and services, making transactions quick and easy via S1lkPay NFC. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash during your trip. Just load money to your S1lk card online as you go.

Safe international transfers

Making an international money transfer online is safe with S1lkpay. We offer single-device access to your S1lkpay account, secure login and a strong multi-factor encryption and authentication system.

Spend like a local

Pay online and in stores like a local anywhere in the world with any currency using Mastercard exchange rates. Open online accounts in multiple currencies before you travel. We support online money accounts in USD and KZT, so you can spend like a local when traveling abroad

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