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On-the-go card security

With S1lkpay your money is secured by PCI DSS standards. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certificate guarantees protection against theft of client information and other fraudulent transactions

Secure money account with biometric login

Keep your payments secure and private with our biometric login. We use Apple Pay’s Touch ID and Face ID biometric recognition, and Android’s added encryption and multilayered security

One phone, one account, one password

Your money is safe and secure when you use S1lkpay. With single-phone access, only you can access your account from one mobile device at a time. To authorize a new device, we’ll ask you to go through a secure multi-factor authentication process

3D Secure for online shopping

Secure your online shopping with an extra layer of security. 3D Secure ensures that you’ll enter a one-time password sent to your mobile device at checkout, protecting you from falling victim to card fraud

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