Be a bank, without becoming a bank

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows you to deliver a suite of banking and payment services to your customers, without becoming a bank.

What is Banking-as-a-Service?

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a technology solution that enables companies to provide their customers with banking services without needing to have full banking licensing. S1lkpay's platform offers card issuance, payments, e-wallets, e-payment accounts, and more through its developer-friendly API. This integration gives your customers an all-inclusive experience in one streamlined package.

A full banking ecosystem through a single API


The service is designed to create a new client in the card system, linking him to your financial institution. This process is designed for quick and easy access to the card service.

Update Card Status

The service is designed to change the status of the card: blocking, and unblocking is used to manage security in case of loss of cards.

Add Contract

The service is designed to create a new financial and card contract in the card system for a new or existing client.

Add Instant Cards

The service is designed to create an instant card in 1 minute. The uniqueness of this payment card lies in the combination of speed and convenience of its issuance.

Assigning Instant Card

The service is designed to personalize the card and link it to the current client. The client must first be created in the card system

Get Contract Balance

Our service is able to obtain the balance under a financial or card contract, including both the current available and blocked balances. Additionally, we apply masking techniques to card data for security reasons.

Get Statement

This service is designed to offer customers a comprehensive report of all transactions associated with their card account for a predetermined period.

Get Client Cards

Service for getting all customer cards with their status. The card number is masked

Transfer Card

The service is designed to transfer money from card to card or from financial account to financial account. To conduct a transaction, a card or account ID is used.

Close Account

The service is designed to close the card or financial accounts, with a zero balance on the accounts

Get Client Info

The service is designed to obtain information on the client, the request is made by the number of client’s ID


The service is designed to update customer data in the card system

We can quickly set up your banking services, with minimal tech input from you in a matter of weeks. Contact our team today to talk through your company's needs.

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