About us

S1lkpay is a peer-to-peer service for sharing cards, allowing users to share money without transferring cash, whether domestically or internationally — easily, instantly and affordably. A cardholder can instantly share a set prepaid,credit and debit card balance by issuing a new digital card/token and sending it to the recipient, who can instantly use it offline and online. Globally, about 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked. We believe those people deserve to be included in the world of financial system. S1lkpay solution helps them immensely. S1lkpay offers financial freedom to foreign nationals, expats, freelancers and the unbanked. You can get access to banking services with one click. Just download S1lkpay and start sharing or requesting money anywhere, anytime.

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Key Partners

S1lkpay & DIFC / DFSA

S1lkpay is a fintech company licensed by AIFC, DIFC and DFSA. The licence provides us the ability to serve the expanding MENASA and Central Asian market, which means that our users will have more opportunities to enjoy favourable conditions when paying with S1lk card in this market

S1lkpay & Mastercard

S1lkpay is a principal member of Mastercard and has direct access to the latest technologies, products and services offered by Mastercard.

Our team

Our team consists of the best experts in their field and professionals with many years of experience in the financial technology market. Every day, they are looking for new and effective solutions so that customers can use banking services with comfort

Meet our CEO

Gani Uzbekov

Gani has vast experience in managing the financial sector of Kazakhstan:

  • General Director and Deputy General Director of commercial banks B1NK, KIB, HSBC;
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the Board of Directors of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the Investment Fund of Kazakhstan, Kazyna Capital Management, the State Insurance Fund, the Kazakh Deposit Insurance Fund, etc.;
  • Deputy Head of the Financial Supervision Agency;
  • Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Deputy General Director of the Kazyna National Welfare Fund.


Scheduled Maintenance

Service availability

Upcoming changes to our current tariffs and limits

UAE start-up S1lkpay is currently launching prepaid platform for unbanked and underbanked, in DIFC and AIFC

With the S1lkpay payment system, anyone anywhere in the world can instantly become an S1lkpay client and receive banking services, including P2P transfers and payments

S1lkpay is our investment in the future world of neobanking

Startup of Gani Uzbekov raised over $1.2 million

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