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S1lkpay allows you to create and share cards with loved ones without moving money. With card sharing, you can save time and eliminate expensive bank transactions. Just get the S1lkpay app, create and share cards with friends and family in 60 seconds. The cards are topped up with any credit or debit card.

Receiving a card is fast

You don't need a bank account to receive a card, just a phone number is enough. Receive a card and use it instantly for online and in-store purchases.

Money borderless

Request, send or spend: your money - your decision. All done securely with peace of mind.
It’s easy to open accounts in USD, and KZT - you can use it as locals while travelling internationally.
Share cards with loved ones, friends and businesses no matter where they are. Extend your reach over any boundaries with S1lkpay!


UAE start-up S1lkpay is currently launching prepaid platform for unbanked and underbanked, in DIFC and AIFC

With the S1lkpay payment system, anyone anywhere in the world can instantly become an S1lkpay client and receive banking services, including P2P transfers and payments

S1lkpay is our investment in the future world of neobanking

Startup of Gani Uzbekov raised over $1.2 million


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